Is this gene related to the Congenital Zika syndrome?


Gene description: interferon induced transmembrane protein 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:5412]

Gene Symbol: IFITM1

Expression Data [Source: SRA Project PRJNA313294]:

 Overexpressed in noninfected

 Overexpressed in infected

Adjusted pvalue: 0.217983

Mean Expression: 41.3984

Representative genomes:

BR6 BR1 BR3 BR4 PF1 BR2 BR5 HT1 MQ1 PR1 CF1 CF2 CF3 UG2 UG3 UG1 zikv-mir-1 zikv-mir-7 zikv-mir-8 zikv-mir-4 zikv-mir-6 zikv-mir-3 zikv-mir-2 zikv-mir-5 zikv-mir-9

Kegg Disease:

  •     K06566 / Musculoskeletal diseases / Skeletal diseases / Osteogenesis imperfecta / HSA:387733

Literature related to this gene

# Ensembl ID Pubmed ID Contributor Additional comments Community Feedback
4 ENSG00000185885 27268505 Gabriel Fernandes - Fiocruz Minas IFITM1 inhibit Zika virus infection early in the viral life cycle.
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